My Awards

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Here are some awards given to my sites
Thank you so much!
It is so exciting to receive these honors

Heavens Angels

Earth Angels 3rd place for caption contest

Best webset for Holloween, 2004
From True Friends

Fooball contest participant
Angels of Compassion

Diva Herald of the Week
from The Divine Divas

award of excellance from the fantasy fights

fairy award

Thank you Sisters of Love and Peace

for Site of the month March, 2002

Thank You Mama and Bogle for this award I found it in my e-mail!
Patriotic award

Thank You Marie!
I lost your URL sorry.

Heartland Holidays these 3 awards
Wow thanks so much!

award for great holiday site

great 4 of July site
mothers day award

Thank you my dear friend Barb for this award
barbs award for web page excelence

Thank you Silvrbraid
silverbrd award

From my sisters at SOLP

rose award

rose award rose award

rose from lisa

My Avalon Adventure Award

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