Holiday Memories

Growing up in Florida is different from other states when it comes to holidays. There are no changing seasons. The leaves change to some color but not too much. It is usually hot up through Thanksgiving. Maybe even Christmas. There is no snow. So how do we celebrate? Well We make cookies, and candies, and we put up decorations. Sometimes our Thanksgiving dinner is outside like a cook out. Even on Christmas day we can go outside and play ball or eat dinner out on the lawn or patio.

I love the holidays and the weather is always nice enough to put up lots of decorations. Baking is something we try to reserve until cooler weather so around December we work on the pies, cakes, bread and candies.

We don't have sleigh rides but we do have four wheelers to go out and ride on! At Thanksgiving I like to Cook a huge meal and start at noon eating. That's because the guys are out hunting and when they come in they are HUNGRY! We sit down hold hands and go around the table with each person saying what they are thankful for. Even the little ones have something to say even if it's "I am thankful for the forks and knives" a quote form my daughter when she was about 3!

Then We feast. Afternoons are for watching Football and the ladies and children go outside and look at the flowers or just take a walk.Some of the children are napping, some are playing. All in all it's a wonderful time of family and friends.

I love this time of year, that is what life is all about Family and friends. Thank God For all his blessings. When you look at your life maybe it's not as bad as you think. There are so many people who don't have anyone to share their holidays with. Be a blessing to someone invite them to your celebration or take them a food basket. It will make you feel so good and God will bless you for it.

Thanks for reading my little holiday story. May God truly bless you this and every day of your life.

love always,

This is an original Story by: Lyla Mock 2004



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