Is there any such thing as happiness
What is it?
People say to me "Smile"
You are always so unhappy.
Tell me how to be "happy"

Is it a state of mind?
Or just a feeling you get sometimes
when something good happens?

"True happiness"
it seems to me
that to have true happiness
you must have contentment
somewhere in your life.

There must be a formula for this.
You can't be happy for a day
and then unhappy for weeks
and months.

It's has to be a peace of mind
and spirit
contentment with your love life
your family, your job, everything

I know there are times to be sad
but in life you can achieve a true happiness
within yourself.

If may take some changes
it may take some searching
but it will all be worth it to find
true contentment and happiness

by "Lyla Mock" 2001, All rights reserved
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