Nitesky 2, "The Return"

    I awoke this morn to the sound of footsteps
    I was afraid so i tiptoed out to see who it could be
    Baby!!! You came back to me!!!
    I knew all I had to do was call!
    You heard my cries in the night and now...
    You have come home, to be back
    in my arms where you belong
    I wished upon the stars and you heard my cries
    Now the Nitesky has turned into a beautiful sunny day

    You are my love
    you are my passion
    You belong to me

    I am so glad you have come home
    Come to me.....into my arms
    I have been waiting patiently
    I knew you would come back...

    let's walk on the beach again
    let's have a pic-nic by the lake
    let's just stay inside all day
    and love each other like we used too.

    Thank you for coming back to me
    I missed you so much...
    that my heart was bruised
    but, now no more crying eyes

    "Me and You"
    together again this time
    My love,
    My life,

    My soulmate....

    I love you

    Poem by: "Lyla" published 2000 all rights reserved