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    I pledged my love to you forever and ever
    til death we would part
    you loved me with all your heart

    for many years I was faithful to you
    and you were faithful to me too.
    Something changed I felt alone
    and thought I was missing something
    I went searching for the missing part
    that seemed to burn in my heart

    What I found was another who said to me
    Come with me til death we part
    I thought it was love and gave him my heart
    Forgetting my pledge and love to you
    You asked me if there was someone new?
    I lied to you I deceived you
    until I could not stand it anymore
    I told you the truth.........

    The other one lied to me too
    He used me and then threw me away
    because I said I really loved you

    You forgave me even though it broke your heart
    You said come home I love you
    You were always true to me
    I am sorry I hurt you

    Now we have renewed our love and it is so amazing
    It is so full of love and passion
    What else do we need but each other?
    I think we finally grew up don't you?

    It's just you and me

    I have been blind, I did not see you helping me all the time,
    I have been blind not knowing you were my best friend
    I have been blind....
    I went looking for something I thought I didn't have.
    You were looking after me all the time.
    I believed in something that was a lie from the start,
    I lied to you and broke your heart.
    I have been blind I hurt you but you said come back.

    I came back because I love You......

    by "Lyla" 2001 copywrited material

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