Analyzing a rose

How do I describe a morning rose?
It's so beautiful, shimmering in the morning sun
the dew drips down the petals onto the ground
the sun catches the dew and makes a sparkling light

Oh so soft and so lovely
And the smell is just heavenly
Should I pick a bouquet?
or leave them just to gaze at all day?
oh such choices to make!

Just like life
Choices to make every day
and each one choice effects the one you made before
So when you choose to pick a rose
Remember you won't be able to look at it
for days and days
If you cut it from it's bush
it will slowly die and fade away

If you leave it on the bush....
it will surely live out its life
and the petals will fall away slowly
so the choice is yours to make....leave it there or take.

by "Lyla" 2000, all rights reserved

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