Please Support our troops

Today's date is

Our American and Allied troops need our support!
How can we help?

Here are links to consider:

Tell them thanks for helping defend our freedom!

eMailOurMilitary (eMOM):
Another site continuing the tradition of "Any Service Member" mail.
You can also buy customized patriotic teddy bears to send!

Stars & Stripes Messages of Support:
Messages of support (50 words or fewer)
can be e-mailed to Published daily

Adopt A Platoon:
This nonprofit 501C-3 organization managed by volunteer mothers
has a mission to ensure
that no U.S. deployed soldier is forgotten!

Operation USO Care Package:
Donations accepted for purchasing items requested by troops such as sunscreen, toiletries, etc.

Operation Uplink:
With public donations, this service provides phone cards to servicemen
and women so they can stay in touch with family and loved ones:

National Military Appreciation Month
(NMAM): You can't send e-mail to the troops via this site,
but it's a terrific resource,
offering an events calendar, historical info, links and more!

Pledge To Pray For Our Troops

Send Care Packages To Our Troops

What Does God Say about War?

A Message To Think About,From Dennis Miller

Message From Charlie Daniels

The Presidential Prayer Team
Sponsor a Troop in Prayer or Submit a loved one,

Support Our Troops Internet Campaign

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