Butterflies are welcome to rest here!
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Happy birthday We are 2 years old in February 2010!

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So If you find you have been visited by butterflies
you will be showered with gifts and poetry.

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Flutter by, Butterfly,
Floating flower in the sky.
Kiss me with your Petal wings -
Whisper secrets, Tell of spring.
"You are the most beautiful thing I've ever seen
You shine just like sunlight rays on a winter snow
I just had to tell you so
Your eyes sparkle as the stars, like the moon they glow
Your smile could light the world on fire, or did you know?
Your mind's full of everything that I want to know
I just had to let you know
I just had to tell you so
You're my Butterfly, fly high
fly, fly, fly"

~Lenny Kravitz~


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